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an artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid

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In yet another obesity and caloric intake-related disagreement, the National Soft Drink Association (NSDA) shot back a fiery response to a study by researchers at Purdue University who recently suggested that artificial sweeteners might disrupt the body's natural ability to "count calories" based on foods' sweetness.
Researchers found artificial sweeteners can con the brain into thinking all sweet food and drink is low calorie.
They urged further research and pointed to ongoing research on aspartame that has suggested the artificial sweetener had caused a considerably higher incidence of health problems than the FDA had anticipated.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Artificial Sweeteners Market http://www.
Our results indicate that this artificial sweetener is not inert - it does have an effect," said first author M.
What to do: Until the dust settles, switch to foods without artificial sweeteners or ones sweetened with sucralose (Splenda), which appears to be safe.
A new statement by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association has claimed that replacing regular sugar with artificial sweeteners won't always make you thin.
Here's the problem: Northwest Airlines is banning artificial sweetener from its flights because to the untrained and completely paranoid eye those fine granules of chemical sweetener look way too much like grade A anthrax.
A synthetic compound of sugar and vegetable oil that passes through the body without leaving any calories behind, olestra is the first new nutrient to win FDA approval since the artificial sweetener aspartame was approved more than 20 years ago.
Thus, when used with artificial sweetener, these bulking agents can reduce by one-half to one-third the caloric content of many desserts without changing their sweetness or character or requiring changes in how companies or home bakers produce their sweets, Yalpani adds.
The artificial sweetener, saccharin market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.
5 packets of artificial sweetener per day--mostly aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet) or sucralose (Splenda)--as estimated from a questionnaire about their daily intake of sugar-free foods.
The findings showed that many -- but not all -- of the volunteers had begun to develop glucose intolerance after just one week of artificial sweetener consumption.
After 10 weeks, the sucrose group had gained about 3 pounds, while the artificial sweetener group had lost about 2'A pounds.