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Foreign competitors acknowledged, if grudgingly, "the notoriously thriving condition of the artificial silk industry in Germany.
The restructuring plan, which will be implemented in stages, began its the first stage with seven large companies including El-Mahalla, Egypt for Artificial Silk, Damietta for Spinning and Met Ghamr.
She said: "He worked on artificial silk at Courtaulds and got the chance to live in Hiroshima after the First World War.
Lewis' group has built artificial silk genes and inserted them into the common bacterium Escherichia coli to make proteins that are shorter than the natural versions.
1902 - Rayon, artificial silk, was patented1935 - George Gershwin's Porgy And Bess was premiered in Boston.
Goncaruk cut her teeth defeating the bid to bankrupt Romanov's artificial silk operation supplying the top fashion houses in Milan.
Crick began his career in science at a young age: his first experiment, at the age of 10 or 12, was a failed attempt to create artificial silk, but he soon succeeded in making homemade explosives.
Army, are spinning artificial silk modeled after Golden Orb dragline.
The average consumer won't be able to spot the difference between real and artificial silk.
Ever and again they drift through the amusement clubs of Berlin-skinny, hungry, and frozen young men and women in their thin plastic and trash collector's outfit, ready for a rave like those dressed in artificial silk in the good old, bad old days.
The piece de resistance in this make-work vein was Jim Hodges' No Betweens, 1996, a 30-foot diaphanous curtain of artificial silk flowers that hung, floor to ceiling, in the middle of a large gallery.
Tenders are invited for Replacing of artificial silk plant by providing new one over atrium and escalator in Connection With annual repair & maintenance operation to durable & non-durable Furniture at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi during.
Until this breakthrough, only very small quantities of artificial spider silk had ever been produced in laboratories, but there was no commercially viable way to produce and spin these artificial silk proteins.
Westervelt is a 1 million-point construction with artificial silk highlights designed by Philip Jaeger.