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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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The next leap is going to be visual artificial reality, but the technology is still relatively nascent.
He proclaimed that this artificial reality, that he called simulation, got such a strong hold that old meanings and explanations had vanished.
In the near future, the BCI will allow us to extend the boundaries of our bodies and control our environments by operating computers and playing games inside of artificial reality "holodecks.
relates to two realities: the first is our own perception and second is artificial reality, which is manipulated by those who want us to see the world way they see it," she says.
Among his topics are human cartography, envisioning information, artificial reality, transforming the mosaic, cobweb of flows, the wood and the trees, and volume visualization.
There is a method to the madness for all that's irrational today, although it comes from an artificial reality, keeping us from our own natural consciousness.
To see this show was to experience a feeling of estranged familiarity similar to that which arises upon looking through the vertiginous hole Espirito Santo's mirror folds create: a sense of having fallen through Alice's rabbit hole only to discover a hyperorderly and artificial reality.
Instead of real lands to plough and real crops to harvest, one day we will sit and contend ourselves with this artificial reality, that is, only if the electricity will allow.
Unlike the wall-mounted portion of the installation--which, given its composition from a multitude of identically shaped tiles, reflects the logical arrangement of a regular, albeit sagging, grid--the floor pieces seem to have escaped from the orderly rows of seedling trays or laboratory incubators to flourish in the wild as the progenitors of a new and partly artificial reality.
In November 2007, the International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence was held in Denmark, the first time in its 17-year history that it was held outside of the Asia/Pacific region.
They include Caspian Learning, which supplies children's learning software based on 3D computer games technologies; Pilot, publishers of a free North-East music magazine and Artificial Reality, a company which creates 3D animated models for architects and the construction industry.