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a digestible substance used to give color to food

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But the ingredients list also contains artificial coloring agents, as well as aspartame, the synthetic sweetener.
In April, class-action lawsuits were filed against Safeway, Albertsons and Kroger, claiming the groceries illegally concealed the fact that artificial coloring is used in farm-raised salmon.
Ingredients are also completely natural--no artificial coloring, fragrance or synthetic detergents of any kind.
For example, two years ago, General Mills announced it would remove all artificial colorings from its iconic Trix cereal, but once it had launched the "cleaner" product it faced some customer backlash from people who missed the green and blue puffs, which couldn't be replicated.
Led by Jim Stevenson, a professor of psychology at the University of Southampton, a team of researchers followed a particularly rigorous, double-blind protocol in which about 300 children, half 3-year-olds and half 8- and 9-year-olds, were given one of two "test" drinks or a placebo over a six-week period The levels of artificial colorings and preservatives in the test drinks were based on the current daily average consumption of food additives by British children.
If they'll do it, you'll save from 207 mg (Cineplex Odeon kids) to 878 mg (AMC large bag) --and maybe even avoid some artificial colorings.
The final topping of this unhealthy concoction is lots of preservatives, such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, propyl gallate, benzoate of soda plus artificial colorings and flavorings.