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a digestible substance used to give color to food

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For example, Gummy Bears are made with animal-derived gelatin and are loaded with artificial colors and flavors.
Reid, President and CEO of Mars, Incorporated, on the company's decision to remove all artificial colors from its human food products over the next five years.
Panera will remove all artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners in its foods by 2016.
In a well-publicized, randomized double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial that included 153 three-year olds and 144 eight- to nine-year olds, researchers discovered that artificial colors or a sodium benzoate preservative in the diet resulted in increased hyperactivity.
Although it may be a long shot - the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has previously rejected such claims - food safety advocates are hoping that by putting a spotlight on the issue, producers will voluntarily drop artificial colors.
The products utilize natural aromas and are free of petroleum-based chemicals, sulfates, surfactants, silicones, artificial colors and fragrances.
Available in an assortment of French, French Seeded, Multigrain and Ciabatta varieties, all Panne Provincio[TM] Artisan Rolls are made with only the finest all natural ingredients, and contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.
Ben Feingold reported that ingestion of artificial colors or large amounts of naturally occurring salicylates was an important contributing factor to hyperactive behavior.
based Wal-Mart, said Friday it will be the first supermarket in Britain to commit to the removal of all artificial colors and flavors from its own label food and soft drinks products.
Protein100 comes in liquid form and contains no sugar, lactose, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors.
We severely process many of our foods for convenience, and the result is a dangerously increased intake of preservatives, flavor enhancers such as MSG, hydrogenated vegetable oils, artificial colors, and corn syrup.
Each 200-milliliter serving (just shy of 1 cup) is ready to drink - over ice, chilled or blended with ice - and contains Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila (made from blue agave and a blend of reposado and other tequilas), triple sec, natural flavors and artificial colors.
is made largely of sugar, refined flour, salt, and additives like artificial colors and flavors.
Kathy's Family products are made of certified organic ingredients, and they do not contain artificial colors, flavors, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, parabens or petroleum fillers (propylene glycol or mineral oil) and aren't tested on animals.
There are no hydrogenated oils, no artificial colors, no preservatives, and no animal-based ingredients.