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The Vatican's opposition to artificial birth control has been highly contested, even by many Catholics, since it was formalised in the late Pope Paul's Humanae Vitae (On Human Life) in 1968.
It took me many years of mistakes to finally realize that artificial birth control is truly one of the biggest enemies to married life and women's health.
Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae, reaffirming the church's ban on artificial birth control, is one example of non-reception by the community of faith.
2] emissions (more people equals more cars and power plants) runs into opposition from the American religious right, who oppose artificial birth control and abortion.
By rejecting the evolving thought about artificial birth control and married love--documented by social science and the testimony of committed, faithful married Catholics on the papal commission he appointed --Paul contributed mightily to the erosion of episcopal credibility.
Today, with legalized pornography, artificial birth control and abortion, women are treated as objects for sex pleasure.
Several months ago, the House of Representatives passed the bill, a controversial measure that lifts restrictions on the promotion of artificial birth control methods such as the use of pills, condoms, intra-uterine devices and other similar means.
It is happening among large families that reject artificial birth control and its surrogate "natural family planning" It is happening among teenaged girls wearing veils in churches.
The pastoral reality he faces has little to do with artificial birth control but everything to do with life and death.
Data show vast majorities of Catholics favor the use of artificial birth control and legal abortion.
The faculty handbook statement contains 15 "affirm and believe" distillations of church teaching and practice, including prohibitions of abortion, same-sex marriage, pornography, homosexual relations, masturbation, artificial birth control, "artificial reproductive technology," women's ordination, and human cloning.
Artificial birth control, sterilization and abortion reject life.
Manila The Catholic Church has launched a red ribbon campaign to protest the passage of a health bill that will allow government to subsidise artificial birth control methods.
Collin says (but in disagreement) is an extension of the use of artificial birth control.
ROME -- In a document marking its 25th anniversary, the Pontifical Council on the Family issued a scathing condemnation of artificial birth control and alternatives to the traditional form of marriage, according to Zenit News Agency.