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The researchers began to build artificial amino acids in the laboratory--just to see what cells would do with new construction material, and where the exploration would lead.
Previously, the Schultz lab tricked bacteria and yeast cells into translating a naturally occurring three-letter nonsense codon--one that normally has no associated amino acid--within the cells' genomes into one of several artificial amino acids (SN: 8/16/03, p.
An "expanded genetic code" created by the scientists overrides the genetic code of the cells and instructing them to use the artificial amino acids in the construction of proteins.
MARKET OVERVIEW II-1 D-Amino Acids: A Promising Field with Potential Applications II-1 D-Amino Acids: An Essential Raw Material for Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals Production II-1 Developing Regions to Lend Traction to the Market Growth II-1 Pharmaceuticals - The Largest End-use Sector for D-Amino Acids II-2 Growing Prominence of Artificial Amino Acids to Drive Market Growth II-2 2.
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, already have developed laboratory methods for incorporating artificial amino acids into proteins.