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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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First of all, one should emphasize the fact that the admissibility of the action depends on the actual existence of an injury against a right or freedom whose holder is the artificial person, therefore, as the Constitutional Chamber of Costa Rica (Brewer-Carias, 2009: 188) argued "the object and matter of amparo is not to guarantee in an abstract way the enforcement of the Constitution, but to protect against the threats and violations of fundamental rights of persons".
The Supreme Court, by the decision of 5 March 2003, San Luis case, admitted the amparo action initiated by the federate state San Luis, an artificial person under public law, and ordered the Central Bank of the Argentinean Nation "to reimburse to the Province of San Luis the amounts of North American dollars deposited, or its equivalent in pesos at the value on the day of payments, according to the rate of selling of the free market of exchange" (Lazzarini, 1987: 238-240).
An artificial person or being, endowed by law with the capacity of perpetual succession; consisting either of a single individual (termed a 'corporate sole,') or of a collection of several individuals, (which is termed a 'corporate aggregate.
Although corporations are not natural-born, living, and breathing persons--which no one is suggesting that they are --they are artificial persons under the law.
If we imagine that each natural person is given a hat for each artificial person that they can represent, we see that each pupil has, for example, a school hat, a particular classroom hat, a person hat, a social background hat.
Persons are divided by law into persons natural and persons artificial, and 'person' prima facie, at common law and apart from any statutory enactment, includes both natural and artificial persons, and therefore as a general rule includes corporations.
When they are considered as his own, then he is called a natural person; and when they are considered as representing the words and actions of another, then he is a feigned or artificial person.
02(1) should be clarified to specify the instances in which a transfer of real property to an artificial person, whether a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other entity, is or is not subject to documentary stamp taxes.
The new income tax in an interim one for three years starting from the current FY and amounting to 5 percent; it is applicable on any normal or artificial persons whose annual income exceeds EGP one million (some USD 140,214).
What most people don't know is that after the above-mentioned 1886 decision, artificial persons were held to have exactly the same legal rights as we natural folk.
Some who are committed to the possibility of artificial persons deal with this by compartmentalizing their scientific and personal lives.
They engage with Barroll's ideas articulated in papers, lectures, and publications that span his career, including Artificial Persons (1974), "The Human Figure on the Stage" (Shakespearean Tragedy, 1984), "Researching the Renaissance" (Graduate Seminars, Folger Shakespeare Library, 1991-99), and "England at the Margins" (2000).
In the competition between humans and these somewhat immortal artificial persons, wealth and power are bound to accrue over time to the immortals.
The problem at work here is that the actions of artificial persons, their moral features, and how individual persons involved in them ought to be regarded in some moral sense seem to differ from that which usually prevails when we think about the responsibilities of persons acting in some private, non-institutional capacity.