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the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively

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This encapsulates a shift, it is claimed, from simple digitization of the Third Industrial Revolution to one that embraces innovation and change due to a combination of technologies, including Artifical Intelligence and biotechnological development (Klaus Schwaab, 2015, Chairman of the World Economic Forum).
Artifical intelligence, driverless cars, the shared economy and climate change are disrupting the future of New Zealand cities, according to internationally renowned planning experts.
Unlike basic security products that rely on Artifical Intelligence, sandboxing or other singular technologies, Helix combines machine, adversary, and breach intelligence to identify what these other solutions fail to detect.
To identify specific neurobehavioural clusters we will carry out precision phenotyping of 900 patients with major depression, ADHD and alcohol use disorders and 300 controls, which we will investigate with innovative deep machine learning methods derived from artifical intelligence research.
The Israeli Association for Artificial Intelligence (IAAI), (1) a member of the European Association for Artifical Intelligence (EURAI), is an umbrella organization for AI researchers in Israel.
Experts are divided on whether artifical intelligence and advanced robotics will hurt or hinder humanity.