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0 artifacts based on the definition of items in constructivist theory, verses of Quran and researcher experience was designed and developed that is shown in figure 4.
Caption: Hobby Lobby: Ancient artifacts not for sale
A disadvantage of electrosurgical techniques is the creation of cautery artifact or thermal damage to tissues, which can hinder accurate histological staging.
Malvar (1998) designed a lapped transform to reduce the blocking and ringing artifacts.
American archeologist Oscar White Muscarella, a former curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, says he, too, believes the artifact is a fake.
As students worked on their projects, I realized that the biggest obstacle to their success was not a lack of experience in library research or even unfamiliarity with the artifacts.
BAGHDAD, July 3 (VOI) - Syrian Minister of Culture Riadh Naasan Agha on Wednesday handed a priceless archaeological artifact to the Iraqi Minister of Tourism and Archeology Mohammad Abbas al-Uraibi, Syrian news agency (SANA) reported on Thursday.
1) Tremors that reflect fine artifacts can be seen with Parkinson's disease.
The chronotype system performs two related but distinct roles, serving both as a framework for classification of artifacts and as a standard for field collection.
Recently, museum officials developed a "digitization plan" for military police artifacts and historic photographs, based on research into digital imaging standards established by the National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress, the Getty Research Institute, the Missouri Digitization Project, and others.
The layer of material that forms on the surfaces of arrow points, spearheads, and certain other natural-glass objects, as they age can be used to estimate the temperatures that the artifacts have experienced, a new analysis suggests.
rhetorical) research where the researcher interprets social meaning and action based on social symbols, actions, environments, and artifacts.
As the result of 32 dives, the expedition recovered about 1,800 artifacts (the 1987 artifacts) and sent them to France for preservation and restoration.
The museum will also have an ``Egyptian Bazaar Gift Shop'' selling Egyptian-themed items and toys, books, belly-dancing clothing and authentic artifacts.
In this work we describe this framework, by defining a model for the coordination artifact abstraction, and discussing the infrastructures and technologies currently available for engineering MAS applications with coordination artifacts.