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Synonyms for articulation

Synonyms for articulation

the act or an instance of expressing in words

the use of the speech organs to produce sounds

Synonyms for articulation

the aspect of pronunciation that involves bringing articulatory organs together so as to shape the sounds of speech

the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made

expressing in coherent verbal form

the act of joining things in such a way that motion is possible

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Anomalous lumbosacral articulations and low back-pain: evaluation and treatment.
I finally had either the audacity or good sense to ask, "Where are you getting all these articulations from?" His smile broadened, "If you would like to come by later when I'm done teaching, I'll show you." I did and he generously gave me a lesson in baroque articulation practice.
Nevertheless, in case of failure of an articulation point, network connectivity can be successfully obtained in more than 91% in the evaluated scenarios, which is comparable to the results obtained by a centralized algorithm.
Then he turns to radical articulations: the phenomenology of the political, and considers political articulations: the phenomenology of the political, democratic articulations: toward a radical and plural democracy, and religious articulations: radical and plural democracy as religious vocation.
House, "Perturbation of vowel articulations by consonantal context: an acoustical study," Journal of speech and hearing research, vol.
La polyarthrite affecte, d'abord, et dans la plupart des cas, les mains, les poignets et les petites articulations des pieds.
Car le risque, si l'on ne diagnostique pas des le debut une polyarthrite rhumatoide, est de laisser une degradation irreversible des articulations se produire.
The fact that the same symbol is employed for differing articulations, as the <t> in tall, stall, and lot, simply reflects our collective obliviousness to articulative variation between allophones, until it is pointed out.
Not entering with long needles for burning, not even with arthrodia, gliding joints in tarsal articulations. Grotto of healing tears.
HH: All "politically engaged" articulations are prone to "preach to the choir." Isn't that what pundits on the right and left do?
All would agree that there can be no discussion when it comes to the creedal articulations of the church or defined doctrines of faith.
Having studied in Indonesia and Turkey, his movement brings out smaller-scale articulations for the fingers, wrists, and shoulders.
In many respects it does, for Hall provides an extremely effective account of the complex dynastic transitions and institutional articulations that, according to Marcus, constitute the decentering narrative of the typical American dynasty.
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