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Synonyms for articulated

Synonyms for articulated

consisting of segments held together by joints


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The firm is charged with exceeding the maximum permitted weight of an articulated vehicle, using a goods vehicle without a test certificate, permitting the driving of a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence and using a goods vehicle without an operators licence.
Under variable operating conditions, such as forward velocity and trailer payload, the behaviors of articulated vehicle systems may change.
The articulated vehicle is widely used in engineering machinery technology.
People may think articulation looks "clumsy," but he argues that articulated vehicles have fairly good mobility.
The 3104 Terra-Gator(r) is a self-propelled, articulated vehicle typically used as an agricultural sludge applicator.
Tenders Are Invited For Transportation Of Empty Containers From Nabinagar To Bhel, Trichy, Through Road, By Engaging Suitable Mechanical Vehicles Such As Trailers / Hmv Articulated Vehicle / Htv / Hmv Goods Carrier Etc.
But this is flagrantly flouted by articulated vehicle drivers who are usually behind the wheels for upward of 10 hours.
The articulated vehicle crashed on the eastbound carriageway near Junction 21 at Milnrow, blocking all lanes.
The articulated vehicle was parked in a lay-by on the A174 in Lazenby when thieves struck taking the LG 43-inch televisions worth several thousand pounds.
Miss Jones was among a group of 20 women travelling to the hen party in Liverpool in April last year when their coach was hit on the M62 in West Yorkshire by an articulated vehicle driven by Mr Ollerhead.
Bethany Jones was among a group of 20 women travelling to a hen party in Liverpool when their coach was hit on the M62 in West Yorkshire by an articulated vehicle driven by Kevin Ollerhead.
As a former heavy goods driver, I have often positioned the articulated vehicle so that the rear is very close to the kerb whilst the front is near, or on, the crown of the road.
AS the driver of an articulated vehicle, I would put it to reader Kevin Ritchie that we all need to assess our performance behind the wheel in challenging conditions.
Cumbrian Police said the articulated vehicle transporter was travelling northbound when it careered across all three lanes of the northbound carriageway before colliding with the central reservation, where it overturned and skidded across all three lanes of the southbound carriageway, stopping on the hard shoulder.