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the act of guiding or showing the way


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the act of steering a ship

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This research aims to build a nonlinear dynamic model that considers articulated steering movement, swing bridge movement, and ground environmental parameters to obtain the instability mechanism and dynamic rollover stability index for the ASVs.
This special universal joint allows articulated steering, ground contact for all wheels and eliminates twisting and torsional stresses between the front and rear chassis frames.
General Conway and Lieutenant General Amos inspected a United States Marine Corps (USMC) "TRAM" (Tractor, Rubber-tired, Articulated steering, Multi-purpose vehicle) fitted with an ADSI armored Crew Protection Kit (CPK).
Take as an example a wheel loader, which is a typical articulated steering vehicle.
The scalers offer articulated steering, combined with a pivoting boom to give the operator nearly limitless maneuverability at the face.
Its double articulated steering feature ensures that no horizontal forces are applied when turning-even on freshly installed surfaces--since the wheels only roll over the pavers instead of twisting against them.
The articulated steering allows agile cornering, while the dump system can discharge a full load in 13 seconds.
rev displacement) supplies the PS3500H dumper's articulated steering, skip tipping and slewing.
Joined by a power articulated steering hitch, the forward unit carries the mining machine proper while the rear unit houses the electrical, hydraulic and automation equipment.
PDI's products include front steerable, Ackerman, fifth-wheel and articulated steering systems.