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Synonyms for process

Synonyms for process

a writ issued by authority of law

deal with in a routine way

perform mathematical and logical operations on (data) according to programmed instructions in order to obtain the required information

institute legal proceedings against

deliver a warrant or summons to someone

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Mean values of transverse diameter of superior articular process were calculated 13.
For performance of the posterior interbody spondylodesis the extended interlaminectomy with saving resection of the arch and articular process margins has been quite sufficient.
Maximum height of axis is 238 mm and width of cranial articular process is 189 mm.
In type II, the atlas is rotated on one lateral articular process with 3 to 5 mm of anterior atlas displacement.
Medial displacement of inferior facets and laminae, compensatory hypertrophic changes of the articular process in the adjacent vertebrae, and spondylolisthesis are also seen.