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a legal document that creates a corporation

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Authorized capital stock refers to the maximum number of shares that a corporation is legally permitted to issue as specified in its articles of incorporation.
The case stemmed when SEC canceled the articles of incorporation of Rappler and RHC for 'existing for no other purpose than to effect a deceptive scheme to circumvent the Constitution.'
However, they do not file the articles of incorporation with the secretary of state until March 14 (which under state law in the state of incorporation is the date the corporate existence begins and the corporation has shareholders).
by adopting an amendment to its articles of incorporation and the company has changed its name to Vadium Technology Corp.
Pursuant to Article 182, paragraph 2 of the Companies Act, the total number of authorized shares as stipulated in Article 6 (Total Number of Shares That Can Be Issued) of the Articles of Incorporation shall be deemed to be changed from the current 3.3 billion shares to 330 million shares on July 1, 2016, the effective date for the consolidation of shares.
According to the report, a study of a representative sample of 408 organizations in 20 states that make articles of incorporation viewable online at no cost found that:
The boards of directors of closed end funds, Deutsche Global High Income Fund Inc (NYSE:LBF) and Deutsche High Income Opportunities Fund Inc (NYSE:DHG) (together, the funds) declared on Saturday that an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation for the liquidation and dissolution of each was approved, although still subject to stockholder approval.
The shareholders also adopted the proposal of the Board of Directors to change the Articles of Incorporation of Barry Callebaut, among other things implementing the requirements of the Ordinance against excessive pay in listed companies ("VegiiV") and deleting the share registration restrictions for persons with voting rights pertaining to more than five percent of the share capital.
Mancuso, an author and attorney specializing in corporations and limited liability companies, shows small business owners in California how to incorporate and the legal and tax laws and procedures that apply, how to approach and handle securities law issues and formalities at the state and federal level, and how to prepare articles of incorporation, bylaws, initial board minutes, and state securities exemption forms.
An amendment to the Articles of Incorporation was approved to effectuate a 1 for 7 reverse stock split, effective upon the filing and acceptance of the amended charter with the Nevada secretary of State.
The vote attached to each variable voting share was automatically decreased to equal the maximum vote permitted per variable voting share under WestJet's amended and restated articles of incorporation, which, in these circumstances was 0.60 of a vote per variable voting share.
The meeting approved the proposal and the articles of incorporation of the company will be amended accordingly The General Assembly also anonymously approved the decision of the Board of Directors to distribute (5%) non-guaranteed convertible bonus stock bonds on the paid-up capital, (5) bonds for each (100) shares to be paid from the premium allowance, as per the decision of the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly held on December 18th, 2011, as per the enclosed offering terms.
23, 2013, DIC Corporation took the decision to change its fiscal year-end, subject to the approval of a resolution to partially amend the company's articles of incorporation at the 115th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, scheduled for late June 2013, as follows.
The final section considers how corporate rights and duties can be changed through such methods as corporate restructuring and amendments to the articles of incorporation. The book includes many examples, cases, questions, and explained answers.
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