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a legal document that creates a corporation

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to amend their articles of association to expressly allow for inviting shareholders to general meetings via text messages or emails, electronic registration of attendance and e-voting in meetings; and
This was not included in Woqod Articles of Associations and the position continued without rectification despite the issuance of law No.
The instrument of incorporation must specify the name and purpose of the institution, its office, any emblem, the property dedicated to the institution, the value of which cannot be less than AaAaAeA@1/41,000, t names, addresses and contact details of the members of the board, as well as the manner of their succession and the institution's articles of association.
According to the draft Articles of Association, Gaso supervisory board will consist of 11 members, elected by shareholders for a term of three years.
Meanwhile, in exercise of the powers conferred under Article-14 of the Articles of Association, Karachi Chamber has terminated membership of 23 illegal occupants who have acted against this trade body and its interest, deprived KCCI from legitimate amount of rent and forced it into litigation.
National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) held its General Assembly Meeting (GAM) today (27 June) at Novotel Hotel, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, where shareholders approved the amendment of the bank's Memorandum and Articles of Association in line with the provisions stipulated in the Federal Law No.
Reportedly, the board's decision is made in accordance with the shareholder authorisation to the board adopted as Article 6.1 of the articles of association and the company's general guidelines regarding incentive programs.
The meeting also approved the amendment of the Memorandum and Articles of Association as per the resolution to increase the capital and the authorisation and empowerment of the board of directors or its delegate to take necessary action, to effect amendment to the Memorandum and Articles of Association for publicising the increase in the share capital, and attesting the necessary amendment.
Milan: At the Extraordinary Meeting held today, Intesa Sanpaolo's shareholders approved the new Articles of Association which relate to the adoption of the one-tier corporate governance system.
The 57 founding member countries of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank began signing articles of association setting up the new institution on Monday.
2/- each and consequential amendment to the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, subject to approval of Members of the Company to be taken by postal ballot.
Manama: April 7 -- (BNA): The Shura Council has approved a bill of law approving the Articles of Association of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)'s Statistics Centre as the sole official point of reference and source of statistical data.
"Licensed banks shall comply accordingly." Articles of Association While banks have provided in respective Articles of Association, prohibition of chief executive officers becoming independent directors within two years, the CBO, as banking regulator, shall be concerned with other scopes of conflicts too.
To sum up in a very simple way: The major steps to establishing a company are to prepare and notarize the articles of association, deposit 0.04 percent of the capital with the central bank and register the company at the Trade Registry Office and the Chamber of Commerce.
Article Three: The Incorporation Agreement for the National Investment Funds Company and its articles of association shall be amended as per the provision of this decree and the attached amendments.