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It would concern the marine territory of the North Sea and the passages to the Baltic Sea (Skagerrak and Kattegat), to the Atlantic (English Channel) and to the Artic Ocean, as well as the coastal regions bordering this area.
The 50km, 4,500-year-old Markham ice shelf separated in early August and is now adrift in the Artic Ocean, Derek Mueller, an Arctic specialist at Trent University in Ontario, said.
Last year brought "The Fast Runner," an authentic story of an Inuit tribe living on the edge of the Artic Ocean.
ALAN Davies of the RSPB, the Daily Post's own bird expert says: "This beautiful Arctic vagrant, the ivory gull, an inhabitant of the Artic Ocean, was found feeding on the carcass of a porpoise.
This activity introduces students to major groups of invertebrates that have been found in other polar ocean expeditions and acquaints them with the feeding habits of these animals as a basis for making inferences about benthic communities and their connection to other components of the Artic Ocean ecosystem.