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ALAN Davies of the RSPB, the Daily Post's own bird expert says: "This beautiful Arctic vagrant, the ivory gull, an inhabitant of the Artic Ocean, was found feeding on the carcass of a porpoise.
Outings can be short--like the 4-mile snowmobile trip we took to the iceberg pictured on page 88--or long--one outfitter has snowmobile trips that run across the Artic Ocean from Resolute to Grise Fiord, the most northerly community in Canada.
The polar bears were filmed on Kong Karls Land, a group of islands between the Barents Sea and the Artic Ocean.
Steger is also recognized for completing the historic 3,471-mile International Trans-Antarctica Expedition, which was the first and only dogsled traverse of the Artic Ocean from Russia to Canada.
Put another way, Tyco was chosen because we believe they were in the best position to meet the stringent requirements of installing a undersea system in the harsh conditions of the Artic Ocean, while at the same time meeting the rigorous standards of the space industry for real- time, reliable broadband transmission of satellite data.