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a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure)


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He also states that "each Arthurian romance has the capacity to modify the horizon of expectation of the genre" (185), outlining a more complex--and subtle--model for the study of intertextual relationships between Arthurian verse texts.
Harward's still not superseded book (The Dwarfs of Arthurian Romance and Celtic Tradition, 1958) explores the provenance of dwarfs in the literature and Joan Brumlik's article "The Knight, the Lady, and the Dwarf in Chretien's Erec (1992) explores the role of the dwarf in the earliest of Chretien's romances.
The story is a low-level mish-mash of Gladiator and Arthurian romance, with Colin Firth stoically battling his way around Europe protecting the young emperor with the sexy assistance of Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai as a sultry swordwielding warrior who spends much of the film getting wet.
Situated at the beginning of the deluxe edition, the illustration draws attention to the roles that Merlin, prophecy, and the cave will play within the novel, quietly establishing the idea that the book achieves its status as a classic at least in part through its association with the Arthurian romance tradition.
None other Arthurian romance can boast more continuations or versions, and none of Arthurian motifs can rival the creative potential of the quest for the Grail.
For, at least on the level of nomenclature, the story of a Brutus emerges first of all in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, designated generally the seed-bed of Arthurian romance, which deals with the historical transition from the great-grandson of Aeneas, who then also happened to have the unusual name of Brutus, to Cadwallader, eighth successor to King Arthur.
Nonetheless, since Lodovico is renowned primarily for his patronage of Mantegna and Alberti's all'antica painting and architecture in the 1460s and 70s, he is seen by scholars as the stereotype of the "humanist patron" who, given a classical education by Vittorino, would never have commissioned a chivalric subject -- notwithstanding his documented perusal of an Arthurian romance in 1468 at the age of 54.
The Arthurian romance the Conte de Graal tells how the land of Logres (the Midlands), was laid waste by a king who did wrong to one of the damsels of the wells, who fed wayfarers with meat, pasties and bread.
Marco provided Rustichello with notes that he had taken during his stay in Asia; Rustichello contributed his writing skill by fitting rather dull material into the framework of an Arthurian romance, and in language that could reach a larger audience.
We also have an element of Arthurian romance in the shape of a sword in the style of Excalibur.
In this English context, even Arthurian romance is not politically neutral, but provides a symbolic focus for a culture whose assumed superiority justifies the domination of the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish.
For a medieval audience well versed in Arthurian romance, the ring would have been far more attractive to Gawain facing certain death for its implicit ability to protect than for its material costliness.
Three chapters are organized thematically: the Arthurian romance (Chretien, Malory, Tennyson); demon lovers (Spencer, Keats, Poe, Stoker, among others); and utopias (with a primary emphasis on More).
In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and French Arthurian Romance, Ad Putter fills a noticeable gap in Gawain criticism.
The Knight of the Two Swords: A Thirteenth-Century Arthurian Romance.