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a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure)


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The American novelist, John Steinbeck - who also made a stab at writing Arthurian literature - claimed the Victorians took all the toughness out.
A survey of Arthurian literature and legend poses major organizational problems, since the material stretches from early Welsh verse and Latin chronicles to recent films and novels.
The place of Italy in the diffusion of Arthurian literature has often been overlooked and much of the primary material remains unexplored.
Peggy McCracken's "Chaste Subjects: Gender, Heroism, and Desire in the Grail Quest" is an important addition to the sexual scholarship of Arthurian literature, just as Kathleen Biddick's "Translating the Foreskin" adds admirably to the scant material available on eunuchs in literature.
Using references, at the end of this chapter, to the mock scholarly Foreword to Farmer Giles of Ham, in which Tolkien alludes to King Arthur, Phelpstead moves naturally into Chapter Five, which considers Tolkien's engagement with Arthurian literature.
It was something which grew and it has always fascinated me,'' she saidAfter graduating she moved to university in Manchester gaining a PhD in Arthurian literature.
The translation, edition, reference work and notes together form a great contribution to the knowledge of Italian Arthurian literature that will be consulted for years to come by students, scholars, and critics.
Dr Jones, 50, an academic who specialises in Arthurian literature, decided to paint a large portrait of Merlin after discovering that serious images of the magician were very thin on the ground with most portrayals tending to be those associated with the Disney Studios in Hollywood.
Arthurian Literature has established itself as a highly respected journal, helping us Arthurians to a better reputation than we used to have.
Arthurian literature's oldest and possibly most iconic persona, and likely the world's most famous Cymro as well, he is investigated by Cardiff University's Distinguished Research Professor of English Literature Stephen Knight, whose first book on Arthurian cultural history was Arthurian Literature and Society (1983), and who demonstrated his approach to long-term character study with Robin Hood: A Mythic Biography (2003).
Maggie and Sue have been poking fun at literary traditions for some years: the Brontes got the spoof treatment in Withering Looks, Agatha Christie in Pearl One, Murder One and Arthurian literature in King Arthur and the Knights of the Occasional Table.
Bangor's Professor Peter Field, an Arthurian literature specialist at the university's English department, believes the location of the meeting is fitting because the earliest document mentioning Arthur was probably written in North Wales.
The editors could also have taken the opportunity to direct beginners to journals in which material on Malory regularly appears and/or is reviewed, such as the Bibliographical Bulletin of the International Arthurian Society, Arthurian Literature, and Arthuriana, to get a sense of the continuing critical debates around this subject.
After an opening chapter (by the editors) giving a very concise overview of the origins and development of Arthurian literature, twenty-five contributors (including the Lambdins) have provided articles on thirty-four writers, each entry averaging ten pages in length.
Professor Peter Field, a distinguished Arthurian literature specialist at the university's English department, said: ``It's the earliest written record we have of someone attempting to do what Arthurian academics do.