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a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure)


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We're really just dipping a toe in the water of the darkness of the actual Arthurian legend, because of our time slot.
Instead, the exhibition's organisers, Patrick Absalon and Sarah Toulouse, present the Arthurian legend as it has come down to us in various media, and in a thematic rather than chronological order.
Arthurian legends lend themselves to children's authors and Sutcliff, a wonderful writer of historical novels, does not disappoint in how she portrays the complex relationships and mystery for younger readers.
Not only is it a strong contender for the true location of the Arthurian legends, it also has a rich fairylore, and in addition is one of the most haunted countries in the world,' the magazine said.
After the Romans evacuated this area it was plunged into chaos and the Arthurian legends are based on the exploits of local chiefs or warlords.
Some of the charges brought against William Mayne, who has written books for children about Arthurian legends and adventurous choirboys, date back 43 years.
To add to the sense of a film that was off sick the day they did the Arthurian legends, we hear Mordred snapping that his henchmen should "put a sock in it".
Children have grown up with Arthurian legends and Greek mythology, so it will be interesting to see their reaction to the legends that come out of China.
Galleron" is an extremely rare French name; the earliest reference appears in Sir Thomas Mallory's Arthurian legends -- Sir Galleron was one of the Knights of the Round Table.
In Pegler's case it was Scott Lloyd, author of The Keys To Avalon, one of the very many books about Arthurian legends and the most gripping story of them all - the Grail.
Her tastes ran instead toward Arthurian legends, New Testament parables and Shakespearean scenes, toward great male minds and anguished female souls.
Students were to study a variety of authors and works including Beowulf, Arthurian Legends, and The Canterbury Tales.
His skeptical dismissal of cherished myths of British pre-history like the Arthurian legends shows a critical spirit that we naturally admire, but that critical approach quickly vanished when he confronted the classical past.
It's highly accessible, not requiring much foreknowledge of the Arthurian legends.
Dubbed the most historically correct of the Arthurian legends, the film was shot in England, Ireland, and W ales.