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Introducing the movie, Professor Raluca Radulescu, director of Bangor University's Centre for Arthurian Studies, said the university has a long-standing record of research and teaching the Arthurian legend dating back to its foundation in 1884.
Chapter six presents an equally source-based and intertextual approach to King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table: Campbell cites Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae as the first major written but still largely lore-based account of British royalty that acted as the crucial source for later Arthurian legend and epics.
Preeminent mythologist Joseph Campbell's lectures on Arthurian legend and Grail mythology are transcribed and collected into one cohesive text in this brilliant addition to the late Campbell's impressive body of work.
Chapter five is a micro-monograph of the first Arthurian legend to receive a full-length film treatment, Disney's The Sword and the Stone.
Executives at production company Shine say they have teased out the Arthurian legend to its limit over five series.
The game re-hashes Arthurian legend to give your lead character, Lancelot, the ludicrous challenge of closing the gates of Hell and stopping evil demons taking over your once green and pleasant land.
Students of the Arthurian legend and the general public alike will be surprised by the discoveries in this programme, which testify to the spread and depth of interest in Arthurian stories in Britain and beyond.
This text certainly draws on a broad spectrum of elements from both the fantasy and science fiction genres, including time travel, other dimensions, telepathic conversations, the Arthurian legend and of course, the struggle of good against evil.
Essentially a PG version of the Arthurian legend with plenty of high-gloss escapism to fill the pending gap left by Doctor Who, which bows out this week.
Philip Hobbs and Tom O'Brien teamed up to land a double after Arthurian Legend bounced back to form in the 2m1/2f novice hurdle and Roalco De Farges claimed the 2m4f handicap hurdle.
A parody of the Arthurian legend, much like the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot was the brainchild of original Monty Python member Eric Idle.
30pm) Former winners of the quiz return to compete for a place in Friday's final, with specialist subjects including Mike Oldfield and Arthurian Legend.
Young's own take on Arthurian legend as he brings a series of his own short stories using these characters of legend and provided his own tweaks and twists.
A lively jaunt through Arthurian legend, from Malory to Mark Twain, ensues.
Instead, the exhibition's organisers, Patrick Absalon and Sarah Toulouse, present the Arthurian legend as it has come down to us in various media, and in a thematic rather than chronological order.