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elected vice president and became 21st President of the United States when Garfield was assassinated (1830-1886)

a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure)


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One could indeed argue that the richest body of modern writing on Arthurian themes has been in English, but even so one should not completely ignore the continuing influence such themes (especially that of the Grail) have had on the literatures of France, Germany, and Spain.
However, Arthurian will not be returning to Jay's yard as he was knocked down to Michael Chapman for 7,200gns at the subsequent auction.
He has won a Carnegie Medal for Storm and for his exceptional retelling of Old English classic Beowulf and his Arthurian trilogy has won more plaudits than you could shake a stick at.
Elizabeth Edwards's witty and thought-provoking discussion of 'The Place of Women in the Morte Darthur' encompasses, in its exploration of the ambivalent representation of women, a range of observation on the nature of romance space, the importance of adultery to the Arthurian plot, and the nature of the 'feminine' in Malory.
The deal, orchestrated by Arthurian Life Sciences which manages the fund for the Welsh Government on a discretionary basis and is chaired by life sciences serial investor and entrepreneur Sir Chris Evans, will see Interrad locating at the Life Sciences Hub Wales in Cardiff Bay - where it will have a base for sales, marketing, distribution and training.
of Wyoming) introduces formal and informal students to the scholarly study of narratives concerning King Arthur composed in what is now England, Wales, Cornwall, and Scotland over the course of four centuries, analyzing a selection of tales she thinks will most interest readers new to the Arthurian tradition.
According to Arthurian legend, which evil sorceress plotted the overthrow of her half-brother King Arthur?
The Anvil Stone is an outstanding tale and very highly recommended, especially to all fans of medieval literature and lore focused on the Arthurian era and Dark Ages in fifth-century Britain for its highly accurate and enthralling depiction of an already intriguing tale.
The influence of the landscape and structure of Arthurian legends on the world of J.
It's highly accessible, not requiring much foreknowledge of the Arthurian legends.
After the 44-date Greedy Bastard trek wraps Friday at the Henry Fonda Theater, Idle will adapt 1975's Arthurian take-off ``Monty Python and the Holy Grail'' to Broadway in '05 as a musical under the tentative title ``Spamelot,'' helmed by director Mike Nichols (``Angels in America'').
At least one writer and artifacts expert believe this is possible, as the Commander's name and associated history have astonishing similarities to Arthur's name and the Arthurian tradition.
Like the Arthurian hero, Alfonso is constructed as displacing the flames to the floor in front of his feet.
Arthurian Archives VII (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, 2000).
Now a 20-year investigation by historians could have found the table was the central part of an elaborate medieval Arthurian fancy dress ball in the reign of Edward I - the notorious Hammer of the Scots.