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English poet (1865-1945)


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In the summer of 1896, Yeats ventured to the Aran Islands with the poet/critic Arthur Symons, who was so moved by the holiday diversion that he composed a collection of thoroughly decadent poems titled Images of Good and Evil, which he published the same year as The Symbolist Movement in Literature, 1899.
In a letter Duse implored De Bosis not to forget Wagner's words, which she cited in French: 'L'action qui reve, le reve qui agit' (22) Once Duse told Arthur Symons that she saw in Wagner what she felt in his music, a touch of something, his consciousness of his supremacy, and she relayed on that occasion what Wagner himself liked to say: 'I will do what I want to do, I will force the world to accept me,' and Duse claimed that Wagner succeeded whilst never allowing us to forget his intention.
Iba con frecuencia a Londres, pues se hallaba muy bien entre los ingleses, con hombres como Oscar Wilde, Arthur Symons y Whistler.
As well as drawing much-needed further attention to less frequently discussed authors such as Arthur Machen, George Egerton, and Arthur Symons, Freeman's approach has the benefit of placing more canonical figures such as Conrad and T.
Woolf describes Arthur Symons as 'a very distinguished poet', and admires many other individual poets of the time, even if she was capable of recoiling from some of the more outrageous caricatures of the age.
In many respects Machen's self-portrait could double for that of Oscar Wilde, Arthur Symons, and many others whose multi-faceted careers are linked most often with the 1890s.
19) I am forced to doubt if this very didactic--very Scottishly didactic--ideal would have been shared by that much more "reticent" Celt, Arthur Symons.
Eliot, Arthur Symons, comments that Baudelaire's poetry is "an eternal Mass served before a veiled altar" (Eliot 1932 62).
Nelson explores the friendships he forged with Beardsley and with poets such as Arthur Symons and Ernest Dowson as he built his publishing list, giving them employment when he established his short-lived but controversial, avant-garde, and influential literary magazine, Savoy.
Esther Kahn esta basada en una novela de Arthur Symons escrito y publicado en la ultima decada del siglo XIX.
Screenplay, Desplechin, Emmanuel Bourdieu, based on the story by Arthur Symons.
Gregory Smith (vice president, manufacturing and distribution, VDK Froz en Foods); Arthur Symons, Jr.
Any study of Aubrey Beardsley, doyen of fin de siecle artist/illustrators evokes immediately a languid aesthete obsessed by his sister and also a member of that enchanted circle which included Beardsley's publisher Leonard Smithers, the poets Arthur Symons and Ernest Dowson and of course Oscar Wilde (with whom Beardsley was associated in the public mind during the sensational Wilde trials).
In some issues she was seconded by Arthur Symons and Watts-Dunton.
One evening the English poet, Arthur Symons, brought the Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, to meet him.