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French poet whose work influenced the surrealists (1854-1891)

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Arthur Rimbaud parle dans son poeme de la colonisation francaise de l'Algerie un "destin funeste" arrachant a la legende algerienne sa patrie, souhaitant que de l'Algerie "surgissent cent lions" qui dechirent sous leurs crocs vengeurs les bataillons.
His first substantial work of art was the photographic series "Arthur Rimbaud in New York," 1978-79, shot in locations from Chinatown to Coney Island; each image featured a friend wearing a mask made from one of the few surviving pictures of the poet in his youth.
Were beside her as she visits the graves of Sylvia Plath, Jean Genet, and Arthur Rimbaud, marking these moments with quiet gratitude and respect.
The Age of Assassins, commissioned with help from the IHS Meir Ramon Commissioning Assistance Program, is a setting of five songs based on the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud. Sung beautifully by tenor William Hite, these pieces explore the "disordered senses" inspired by absinthe and other recreations of late 19th century Paris.
He then imagined his dinosaurs in conversation, putting into speech bubbles dialogue drawn from Situationist comics (Situationism being an art movement spawned by Surrealism and Dadaism) and from his own readings of poems by the likes of Arthur Rimbaud and Allen Ginsberg.
The doomed tug of love between Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud and Verlaine's wife Mathilde is boldly told in the Citizens' tiny Circle, as part of the Glasgay!
To this last question, Saint-Amand suggests that dissolution of the Cercle zutique was overdetermined, stemming from sociological and aesthetic phenomena or structures such as the group's wild-card status within the literary field, the "contexte sociopolitique" of post-Commune Paris (11), and indeed the occasional anti-social behavior of one Arthur Rimbaud (85).
Equally influenced by Chuck Berry and Arthur Rimbaud, Reed's spiky, provocative lyrics tackled the experiences of drug addicts, transvestites, street hustlers and depressives with a directness and empathy heretofore unheard in American popular music.
The French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, oversaw the building's construction.
Paris-based artists, poets and writers, from Vincent Van Gogh to Arthur Rimbaud and Ernest Hemingway were all regular drinkers, giving the spirit a bohemian edginess that wider society longed to share.
He is an expert on the works of William Shakespeare, Jean Racine, Moliere and Arthur Rimbaud.
DENMARK 1986 - We were only in tears for four years though, as in 1986 we fell in love with another side that flirted with greatness playing the game in a way that demanded Arthur Rimbaud come back from the dead and write a poem about them.
The lock house is a dry place for Merle to sleep but becomes a conduit for 1870s French poet Arthur Rimbaud to cross over.