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a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure)


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A DRUID protester named King Arthur Pendragon is still camped out at Stonehenge in protest despite a deadline passing for him to leave.
The performance takes the audience on a journey back in time to the court of King Arthur Pendragon where Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table battle with Morgan Le Fay and the forces of evil.
KING Arthur Pendragon led up to 21,000 people greeting the summer solstice at Stonehenge yesteday.
Arthur Pendragon is one of England's great eccentrics.
Pendragon is billed as an innovative production, taking the audience back in time to the court of King Arthur Pendragon, where Guinevere, Merlin the Magician and the Lady of the Lake battle with Morgan Le Fay and the forces of evil.
As Arthur Pendragon, high king of England, players can build and control their own legions to defeat dark powers and claim their kingdom.
Another duty will be maintaining relationships with Druid leaders such as King Arthur Pendragon who campaigned to make the site open to the public during the summer and winter solstices, he said.
Newcomers include Colin Morgan as Merlin and Bradley James as a young Arthur Pendragon - long before he took the sword from the stone and became King.
Mr Carter was assisted in court by another veteran campaigner, King Arthur Pendragon, who sat beside him in a white robe and was visibly emotional after the judge's ruling.