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English geologist and supporter of the theory of continental drift (1890-1965)


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OUR PIONEER TYNESIDE scientist Arthur Holmes spent almost 50 years on his mission to find a way of calculating the true age of the Earth at a time when most believed it could be counted in thousands instead of hundreds of millions years.
There is much to ponder in Evans's paper that resuscitates many ideas from Arthur Holmes of a generation ago.
Arthur Holmes is no stranger to the discussion and literature regarding the role of Christianity in higher education.
It was founded in 1959 by Arthur Holmes, who set up an insurance brokerage under the name Hill House.
FLYING FORMATION: Charlie Matthews (centre) on the precinct scooter that bears the badge of his former squadron, with Lord Mayor Dave Chater and (from left) Arthur Holmes, Terry Clark and Mary Holmes.
Former Bristol chief Arthur Holmes, whose personal fortune repeatedly bailed the club out, will become life president while Bristol Rover s vice-chairman Geoff Dunford, the club with whom Bristol share the Memorial Stadium, joins Rowell as a non-executive director.
Arthur Holmes could be bank-rolling the Rowell take-over but another syndicate headed by ousted chief executive Jeff Lewis could also come up with the cash.
THIS is a collection of essays written in honour of the American academic, Arthur Holmes, by those taught or influenced by him.
JEALOUS Arthur Holmes saw black when he discovered his lover had been THREE-timing him.
Arthur Holmes, 88, of Brownhill Lane, Holmbridge, was found dead on March 31 when firefighters were called.