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British archaeologist who excavated the palace of Knossos in Crete to find what he called Minoan civilization (1851-1941)

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Arthur Evans, alias Sgt Walter Simpson, receives the Victoria Cross from King George V.
First of all, Bakst went to Crete following the excavations which Arthur Evans wasmaking at Knossos.
First, it electrified the gay and lesbian activists who would lead a historic wave of community organizing, people like Marty Robinson, Craig Rodwell, Jim Fouratt, Martha Shelley, Karla Jay, Sylvia Rivera, and Arthur Evans.
Arthur Evans, acting commissioner charged with bringing better management controls to Philadelphia's Department of Human Services, noted that 57 percent of youth entering care in the city are 12 years of age or older.
Beetle specialist Arthur Evans of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington welcomes the more than 100 volunteers whom he has recruited to the BioBlitz.
The stories are fast-paced, interesting and full of detail: Arthur Evans discovers ancient Greek tablets in Kephala, Crete which are later deciphered by Michael Ventris; fifteenth century Korean King Sejong creates a new alphabet and prints books for his people while Johannes Gutenberg is creating a new printing system in Germany; and Alan Turing deciphers the Nazi Enigma code paving the way for the development of the Internet.
Arthur Evans was disqualified for 12 months last December for driving with excess alcohol, Cardiff Magistrates' Court was told.
Group cofounder Arthur Evans can be seen announcing, "We are here demanding retraction of this slander, demanding [the clerk] represent gay people who pay his taxes.
It was also the location for the studies of the distinguished archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans.
But it wasn't until the start of the 20th century that Sir Arthur Evans put facts to the myths and legends.
According to Arthur Evans and Charles Bellamy, this is not the age of information, or even the computer age.
Councillor William Arthur Evans said: "I'm not happy at all.
In this capacity, he will oversee long-term debt and equity relationships for the Company as well as assist CEO Arthur Evans with the implementation of development and management strategies.
Defendant Raymond Arthur Evans, 74, had owned the Harper air cane since he was 17.
2010) and owes much to the work of late nineteenth/early twentieth-century classical archaeologists including Heinrich Schliemann (1880), Rodolfo Lanciani (1918) and Sir Arthur Evans (1928a) (cf.