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elected vice president and became 21st President of the United States when Garfield was assassinated (1830-1886)

a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure)


References in classic literature ?
The Normans, then, brought tales of Arthur with them when they came to England.
Geoffrey's chief hero is Arthur, and we may say that it is from this time that Arthur became a great hero of Romance.
It was a very good world, quite one of the best, with Arthur beaming upon it like a sun.
She had been a regular reader of the paper for several years; and had, indeed, consulted the great man once before, when he had replied favourably to her query as to whether it would be right for her to accept caramels from Arthur, then almost a stranger.
So he cautiously made his way from tree to tree, as Robin had done, till he came to the little open space where Robin and Arthur were circling about each other with angry looks, like two dogs at bay.
Unless it be Eric o' Lincoln," said Arthur modestly; "and I well know how you paid him out at the Fair.
In rejoinder to this sally, old Arthur again raised his hands, again chuckled, and again ejaculated 'What a man it is
Then I tell you seriously that I am,' said old Arthur.
Arthur was next to me, and if I had not seized his arm and held him up, he would have fallen.
There was a cold-bloodedness in the act which wrung a groan from Arthur.
After the above conversation, East came a good deal to their study, and took notice of Arthur, and soon allowed to Tom that he was a thorough little gentleman, and would get over his shyness all in good time; which much comforted our hero.
This process was so congenial to his temper, and Arthur showed himself so pleased at the arrangement, that it was several weeks before Tom was ever in their study before supper.
You perceive that Arthur Donnithorne was "a good fellow"--all his college friends thought him such.
But we have no fair ground for entertaining unfavourable auguries concerning Arthur Donnithorne, who this morning proves himself capable of a prudent resolution founded on conscience.
And I don't think,' replied Arthur, touched by the motherly anticipation in the bright face of Mrs Meagles (she must have been very like her daughter, once), 'that you could do better.