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Los filos mas representativos fueron: Mollusca, Arthropoda y Annelida con el 41,48; 20,52 y 17,47% respectivamente y que en su conjunto, agrupan el 79,48% del total de especies identificadas (Tabla 1).
AXPI -I y AXPI -II Kunitz-BP TI xantogrammica Stichodactyla ShPI -1 Kunitz-BP TI helianthus Cyanea capillata Jellipina Serpina Arthropoda Pacifastacus Inhibidor de Kazal (Crustacea) leniusculus quimo-tripsina Litopenaeus Kazal vannamei Penaeus SPIP m2 Kazal monodon Tachypleus Inhibidor Kunitz-BP TI tridentatus LI CI Serpina Mollusca Cenchritis CmPI -II Kazal muricatus Argopecten AISPI Kazal irradians Phyllum Caractersticas Referencia moleculares y funcionales Cnidaria Sesenta y dos Wunderer et al.
Palabras clave: Biologia del suelo, comunidades bioedaficas, Arthropoda, Annelida.
56 47 Phylum Arthropoda Class Crustacea Family Squillidae Squilla empusa 2 2.
epitoke stages and eggs) Phylum Arthropoda Class Crustacea Homarus americanus (advanced larval stages) Ovalipes ocellatus (zoea, megalops stages) Procellanid zoea Calanoid copepods Euphausids, spp.
The insects, spiders, mites, ticks, crustaceans and other "bugs" that call New York State home belong to the largest animal phylum - the Arthropoda.
But the new species didn't fit in with any of the other subgroups, or phyla, of animals, like Chordata (animals with backbones), Arthropoda (spiders, insects, and crustaceans), and Porifera (sponges).
Ancient lobopods and their modern counter-parts, in the phylum Onychophora, intrigue scientists because they may represent a link between two extremely successful phyla, Annelida (segmented worms) and Arthropoda.
El total de taxa identificados en el Centro 1 fue de 105; 44 de estos taxa correspondieron al Phylum Annelida/ Clase Polychaeta, 28 al Phylum Arthropoda, 9 al Phylum Echinodermata, 20 al Phylum Mollusca, 1 al Phylum Nematoda, 1 al Phylum Nemertea, 1 al Phylum Platyelminthes y 1 al Phylum Priapula.
Se incluyen ademas, ocho laminas a color y cuatro indices: 1) taxones de Arthropoda organizados por Orden y Familia, 2) indice alfabetico para los taxones de Arthropoda, 3) indice para los organismos no artropodos y 4) indice por topico.
In Treatise of Invertebrate Paleontology, Part P, Arthropoda 2 (R.
Diversity of terrestrial fauna of arthropoda at Jaboque wetland, Bogota-Colombia
These included Acanthocephala, Arthropoda (Copepoda), Platyhelminthes (Cestoidea, Trematoda, Monogenea), Nematoda, and Mollusca (glochidia larvae).
The ovarian morphology of the Diplopoda has been used to support discussions of the phylogenetic relationships within this group, comparisons between two subclasses of millipedes (Chilognata and Penicillata) and comparisons with other classes within Arthropoda (Yahata and Makioka, 1994, 1997; Freitas et al.
Primer inventario de la fauna de Arthropoda de la Region Chaquena Humeda.