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most points of infection were found in areas where the cuticle folds and at arthrodial membrane locations, which usually are areas out of reach for allogrooming by nest mates.
Rather, the reported instrumentation included goniometry, arthrodial protractor, photography and video recording (Philippi, 2006; Klackenberg et al, 2005; Rahlin, 2005; Cheng et al, 2000; Emery, 1994).
The dorsal arthrodial membrane was disinfected with 70% ethanol and 2.
The bleeding process of experiment 1 involved removing horseshoe crabs from their holding tank, positioning them in a bleeding rack, and disinfecting the surface of their arthrodial membrane with a 70% ethanol-soaked cotton swab.
Lesions affected the hard portions of the carapace and rarely affected the arthrodial membranous joints that separate them.