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The A4600 is a major arterial route into the city as well as being the principal access to the University Hospital, Coventry and Warwickshire.
Nor, as an arterial route into Stockton, does it give a very good impression, not to mention the obstruction and potential damage it causes.
A spokesman for the force said: "Although the incident took place in the middle of the night, it is a busy arterial route in and out of the city and we are keen to speak to anyone who may have witnessed what happened.
There is even a shot of former Dons star Joey Harper of whom they used to sing"Get your kicks on the A96"to the tune of the Rolling Stones classic following a regrettable run in with the bobbies on the north-east's premier arterial route.
It is a key economic and arterial route into two major regional economies, so the case is a strong one.
Once complete, this work will significantly improve safety and traffic flow along this key arterial route.
Andrew Gibson, senior surveyor at DTZ in Cardiff said: "Once complete, this will be a well located roadside development on a busy arterial route which will provide the immediate population with new convenient amenities.
The scheme's location is on a key arterial route between Liverpool and Manchester which makes it one of the most high-profile and strategic sites in the Merseyside region and is an exemplar of regeneration in the north Liverpool area.
The project is expected to cost 347,988, and has been deemed necessary for removal of the pinch point outside of Hull Royal Infirmary and relieve congestion for motorists using the arterial route.
Paul Bishton added: "This is a fantastic, prominent commercial site, benefiting from its close proximity to the Arena Shopping Park, Ricoh Arena and its highly visible position on a major arterial route close to the M6 motorway junction.
Our picture showing the original railway station dates from the time when the road passing under the bridge was a major arterial route on Teesside.
Coun Lindsley Harvard, cabinet member for city services, said: "This road is an important arterial route into and out of the city, and this work continues our investment in tried and trusted measures to maintain and improve Coventry's roads.
Wavertree Anyone stuck in last winter's debacle,when a grittinrfg lorry ran out of fuel before gritting Islington, will be in no doubt just how important it is to keep this major arterial route into the city centre as free flowing as possible.
Sinn Fein MLA Fra McCann said: "Calling in a bomb warning which closed a major arterial route into Belfast has served only one purpose, the disruption of life for people coming to and from Belfast.
AUTOMOTIVE: Auto Repair: This established Auto Repair and Detailing Business is located in major metropolitan arterial route.