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At a sit-in on the arterial highway connecting Beirut to the south, Assir had his supporters bring a barber's chair and give him a haircut.
The Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization plans to use ITS Technology to mitigate the effects of a five-year construction project on its main arterial highway, I-235.
The PR-52 north to south arterial highway linking San Juan with Ponce, which includes five toll plazas, and PR-53 linking the south and east coasts of the island, with three toll plazas, were part of phase I of the project and were the first to transition.
Motorists are expected to experience major improvement while driving on the arterial highway following the opening of the dual-carriageway with four lanes in each direction from Shehaniya Interchange to Al Rayyan Stadium Roundabout.
Zojila Pass, April 7 ( ANI ):The arterial highway connecting Ladakh to Srinagar has reopened 20 days earlier then last year allowing basic amenities and fresh food to be transported.
The property was built in the first decades of the 19th Century and in the 1840s the elegant Georgian house was an important coaching inn on the Great North Road, the main arterial highway from London to Edinburgh.
The urban arterial highway experiences a high volume of traffic, particularly in the summer, from commuters, local businesses, and recreation seekers who are traveling to the Mallets Bay shorelines.
Change the designation of the road to a local collector road from a secondary arterial highway.
Punjab, Apr 1 ( ANI ): Information and Broadcasting Minister, Manish Tewari on Monday questioned the Punjab Government's competence in maintaining law and order after hearing of the death of police assistant sub-inspector Gurdev Singh on an arterial highway of the state.
An extended Golden Valley Road, which is designated as a major arterial highway in the city general plan, would give motorists an alternate route from the city's heavily populated north end to state highways in the south.
Intracranial Stenting, using a small incision in the groin to thread a catheter through the arterial highway and place a stent in a cerebral artery, has come of age.
The 294-km arterial highway, the only all-weather road link between Kashmir and rest of the country, was closed since Friday due to heavy snowfall near Jawahar tunnel and landslides at various places.
Golden Valley Road is identified in the city general plan as a major arterial highway, Adamick said.
Spanning urban areas and marshland, the bridge crosses over the Cooper River, two islands, several local streets, an arterial highway, and two railroads.
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