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United States writer of humorous tales of an itinerant showman (1834-1867)

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Sherdina Williams, school nurse for Artemus Ward, and Melanie Hall, school nurse for Miles Park, will travel to Washington, D.
Buckeye Health Plan is proud to work with schools such as Miles Park and Artemus Ward through our Adopt-A-School program to mentor young people," said Bruce Hill, Buckeye President and CEO.
21) It was to Smith, too, that Browne's British publisher compared him in the introduction to the British edition of Artemus Ward, His Book.
23) While the press reception of Artemus Ward, His Book was not uniformly hostile, it nevertheless displayed aesthetic condemnation mixed with condescension.
Just as Artemus Ward had offered up his "able-bodied relations' to the war effort, now the folksinger Phil Ochs sang in "Draft Dodger Rag,'
Interestingly, he said, one of the founding members of the Cambridge-based New England Historical Genealogical Society was a descendent of Artemus Ward.
Joseph) explores the evolution of the tripartite relationship between comedic performance, the American public, and the American presidency from the faux lectures of Artemus Ward during Lincoln's tenure to the present, although special emphasis is placed on the middle half of the 20th century, which the author identifies as the period that witnessed the development of modern understandings of the place of laughter in relation to the politics of the American presidency.
That night his subject was advertised as "Some Uncommonplace People I Have Chanced to Meet," but Twain abandoned it to speak on Artemus Ward, the pseudonym by which the beloved late Charles Farrar Browne was known.
George Washington's first major, Artemus Ward (who like Knox, later became a general.
The 64th Lights perform drills and demonstrations for the public at the Artemus Ward House in Shrewsbury.
The "64th Lights," as they are called, perform drills and demonstrations for the public at the Artemus Ward House in Shrewsbury.
Artemus Ward, who preceded George Washington as the military leader during the Revolutionary War, and Drs.
Bailey - one of 16 children - spent four years in the Navy before attending Fitchburg State College, graduating in 1960 and beginning his career in public education at the former Artemus Ward School in Shrewsbury.
Across town, history buffs had the rare opportunity to tour the Artemus Ward barn, owned by Harvard University.
Mason was an active member of the several Masonic organizations, including Matthew John Whitthall Lodge, Knights Templar #5, Melha Shrine, and past patron of the Artemus Ward Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star.