Artemisia vulgaris

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European tufted aromatic perennial herb having hairy red or purple stems and dark green leaves downy white below and red-brown florets

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Lastly the river corridor, especially at the southern end of the property, is infested with large colonies of Artemisia vulgaris and Humulus japonicus.
Temraz A, El-Tantawy WH (2008) Characterization of antioxidant activity of extract from Artemisia vulgaris.
Artemisia vulgaris is not commonly used to treat malaria but is reported to possess many other ethnopharmaceutical properties (4-5).
Grass cover included Poa bactriana, Bergenia stracheyi and Artemisia vulgaris as leading species.
farinae, Alternaria alternata, Olea europaea, Artemisia vulgaris, Dactylis glomerata, and house dust) were supplied by Radim S.
Begonia cherry feast has striking cherry pink flowers and cream speckled foliage, while Oriental limelight is an intriguing variegated-foliage form of artemisia vulgaris.
Artemisia vulgaris is a Eurasian species, naturalized in eastern North America, on which a midwestern Artemisia-feeding species, O.
In isolated rabbit urinary bladder preparations, Artemisia vulgaris (Av.
communa to its own host Ambrosia arteinisiifolia and to seven other plants that are hosts of other Ophraella species (or, in the case of Artemisia vulgaris, closely related to a host species).
Artemisia vulgaris ydi'r enw gwyddonol ar y planhigyn a 'mugwort' yn Saesneg.
In fact, this silver color, associated with the moon goddess Artemis, is where Artemisia vulgaris gets its name.