Artemisia maritima

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plants of western and northern European coasts

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We focus on (potential) effects of hare grazing on two common dwarf shrubs Artemisia maritima and Atriplex portulacoides (formerly called Halimione portulacoides), which were expected to hamper goose grazing when reaching dominance.
During vegetation succession, elevated parts change from a sparse vegetation dominated by Puccinellia maritima and Spergularia maritima into dense mixed swards of Festuca rubra and Artemisia maritima.
Additionally, presence of Atriplex portulacoides and Artemisia maritima (hereafter called Atriplex and Artemisia, respectively) reduces goose utilization (Drent and Van der Wal 1999).
Date of Plant Stature Treatment grazing/clipping n Grazed/clipped A) Artemisia maritima Biomass Dense bush hare grazed winter 1996 8 403 [pm] 59 Resprouting Single shoot clipped 27 February 1996 .