Artemisia abrotanum

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shrubby European wormwood naturalized in North America

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Malander, "Arthropod repellency, especially tick (Ixodes ricinus), exerted by extract from Artemisia abrotanum and essential oil from flowers of Dianthus caryophyllum," Fitoterapia, vol.
It is concluded from the present proof of concept study, that a nasal spray formulation containing an extract characterised by a mixture of essential oils and flavonols from the Artemisia abrotanum L.
Key words: Artemisia abrotanum, nasal spray, allergic rhinitis, clinic effect profile
Preparations of southernwood, Artemisia abrotanum L, have been used in traditional medicine for treatment of a variety of disorders and diseases including upper airway diseases.
Several pharmacologically active components belonging to these groups, such as 1,8-cineole, linalool, davanone, scopoletine and casticin, believed to induce the therapeutic upper airway effects, are present in the essential oil and in the polar fractions of extracts of Artemisia abrotanum L.
There is commonly a large variation of the chemical content of Artemisia abrotanum L.
The main finding in the present study is that the nasal spray preparation of Artemisia abrotanum L.
This "proof of concept" study, performed on a limited number of patients with different allergic airway conditions, was designed to explore the tolerability and efficacy of a nasal formulation prepared from the plant Artemisia abrotanum. Importantly, tolerability was not a problem, although a majority of patients experienced a transient stinging sensation from the nasal mucosa immediately after the local administration of the spray preparation.
There is a varying chemical content of Artemisia abrotanum L.
Moreover, the flavonoid fraction in the nasal spray is likely to inhibit the effects mediated by histamine in the nasal mucosa, since several flavonoids isolated from Artemisia abrotanum L., especially quercetagetin 3,6,7,4'-tetrametyl ether (casticin, vitexicarpin), quercetagetin 3,6,4'-trimetyl ether (centaureidin) and quercetin 3,4'-dimetyl ether were previously demonstrated to potently (I[C.sub.50] 20-30 [micro]mol/l) inhibit carbacholine induced bronchial smooth muscle contraction in the guinea pig trachea in vitro (Bergendorff, 1994; Bergendorff and Sterner, 1995).
In conclusion, we have developed and investigated the clinical effects of a novel nasal spray preparation of Artemisia abrotanum L.
UN o'r planhigion sy'n destun rhyfeddod i mi bob amser ydi'r hen wr (Artemisia abrotanum; southernwood).
Yr enw gwyddonol arno fo ydi Artemisia abrotanum, 'Southernwood' yn Saesneg, a brytwn neu lysiau'r cyrff ydi enwau eraill arno fo yn Gymraeg.
PLANHIGION LLESOL: Yr Hen Wr (Artemisia abrotanum) ac (yn y llun bach) y Wermod lwyd (Artemisia absinthium).
Mae gen i ryw syniad fod yr hen wr (Artemisia abrotanum) hefyd yn cael ei ddefnyddio i gael gwared a chwain.