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any of various composite shrubs or herbs of the genus Artemisia having aromatic green or greyish foliage

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We review the available information about the digestive physiology and morphology of three decapod species of Argentina: Pleoticus muelleri (Bate, 1888); Artemesia longinaris Bate, 1888; and Neohelice granulata (Dana, 1851).
And they are truly blessed, as they were deposited mysteriously on the doorstep of Papa King who rules Artemesia and who made sure the girls had everything they needed.
In contrast, artesunate, a water-soluble artemisinin derivate extracted from the plant Artemesia annua (quinghao), is considered safe and highly efficacious (4,5).
Further, the principle flavoring ingredient, Artemesia absinthium, or Grand Wormwood, contained thujone, which was said to be a carcinogen and/or hallucinogenic at very high concentrations.
For example, Miles notes how Artemesia Gentileschi, in her painting in the Galleria Spada, depicts the Christ Child momentarily pausing from his breastfeeding to gaze lovingly at his mother, gently touching her face as he recognizes that they are two separate beings.
n Tweede figuur, wat veral in Buller se plan 'n belangrike intertekstuele funksie vervul, is Artemesia Gentileschi, 'n sewentiende-eeuse skilder wat ook ten dele gely het as gevolg van haar pa se optrede.
The artemisinins are derived from the wormwood plant, Artemesia annua, which has been used in China to treat fever for 3 000 years.
Among the finest of these is the Tarquin and Lucretia attributed to Artemesia Gentileschi, painted in the late 1640s and now hanging in the Neues Palais, Potsdam.
Add the silver aromatic leaves of Artemesia Powis Castle all underplanted with the ground-hugging Persicaria Affinis Darjeeling Red with its bright red flowers and large deep-green leaves.
Of course, the main one is the absinthe plant itself, Artemesia absinthium, known as wormwood, which is grown in the nearby village of Boveresse.
I will confine myself to another instance of human particularity, that of Xerxes' most flamboyant commander that day, Queen Artemesia (of Halicarnassus, a city on the coast of what is now Turkey), who commanded a squadron of five ships.
Look for herb varieties with white or cream-colored leaf variegation like Alba white fruited eggplant, Casper or Boo white pumpkins, silver thyme, silver artemesia, lamb's ears and silver sage.
If ai is not read as a loan graph, it means Artemesia vulgaris, mugwort; see Smith, Stuart, and Wei, 52.