Artaxerxes II

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king of Persia who subdued numerous revolutions and made peace with Sparta (?-359 BC)


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Thus, the story of Aspasia, the Greek-born concubine of Artaxerxes II (not Pericles' pallake but "the other Aspasia," as Pierre Brule names her) as related by Plutarch (Per.
Not too long after starting out from Sardis, the Ten Thousand discovered that Cyrus really meant to use them to kill his brother King Artaxerxes II and wrest away kingship of the vast Persian Empire.
Anabasis (in full Anabasis Kyrou; "Upcountry March") Prose narrative account by Xenophon of the experiences of the Greek mercenary soldiers who fought for Cyrus in his unsuccessful attempt to seize the Persian throne from his brother, Artaxerxes II.
9, refers to some Syrian villages which in the early fourth century had been given to Parysatis, the mother of Artaxerxes II, 'to keep her in girdles' ([Greek Text Omitted]).
1-4), Artaxerxes II subjected a Persian soldier to the ordeal of the troughs for revealing how Cyrus the Younger died in the battle of Cunaxa.
In point of fact, Artaxerxes II had one of the longest reigns of any Achaemenid king (404-358 B.
10 29 Mesore 24 March 6 Mesore = Kr 9 Year 1 Artaxerxes II = 1 Marcheshvan No.
Robert's interpretation that the original statue was of Ahura-Mazda and served to substantiate the introduction of cult statues by Artaxerxes II, as maintained by Berossus.
1) Of the three Achaemenids, Artaxerxes II (404-358 B.
366 A ii 8, referring to the reign of Artaxerxes II.
Arsekka: perhaps < Iranian *rsan- + -ikka; presumably not Arsakes, but perhaps Greek Arsikas, the given name of Artaxerxes II [see R.