Artaxerxes I

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king of Persia who sanctioned the practice of Judaism in Jerusalem (?-424 BC)


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This confusion seems to have resulted at least in part from the difficult narrative arrangement of Ezra 4, which jumps ahead to the reign of Achashverosh and Artaxerxes I before returning to the chronological narrative and the reign of Darius I in 4:24 and chapter 5.
It stands to reason that the accusation in the time of Achashverosh was similar to that from the time of Artaxerxes I, that if this city is rebuilt and the walls are completed, they will not pay tribute, poll-tax, or land-tax, and in the end it will harm the kingdom (Ez.
Ezra chapters 1 and 7 number the relatively small number of Jews who returned to Israel, both under Zerubbabel in the time of Cyrus, before the Temple was built (Ezra 1), and under Ezra in the time of Artaxerxes I, (13) after the Temple was built (Ezra 7).
25, 30, 51, and 107), is dated in year 40 of Artaxerxes I, 425 B.
56, 113, 127) is dated 8/VII/12 [Ar]-tak-[sa-as-su] (collated), probably Artaxerxes I, to judge by the seal impressions, hence 457 B.