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king of Persia who subdued numerous revolutions and made peace with Sparta (?-359 BC)

king of Persia who sanctioned the practice of Judaism in Jerusalem (?-424 BC)


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3) However, historically, Achashverosh, identified with Xerxes, (4) ruled after Darius I and right before Artaxerxes I.
In ihr legt er Rechenschaft uber seine Teilnahme an dem Feldzug des Kyros gegen seinen Bruder Konig Artaxerxes und die von ihm massgeblich bestimmte Ruckfuhrung der 10000 ab.
The third incident occurs while Roverandom is visiting the wizard Artaxerxes at the bottom of the sea: the ancient Sea-serpent starts waking up and causes an unusual whirlpool (75).
Child for Education and Culture Art educators are Buried in Such is the story of King Artaxerxes we read: Bring Educational to be any has anyone had any Kozfrzangi Write Vakhtash find out Pepe Levi Meeting of pride and Khosravi (H, 878 / 149-150)
Dentre esses primeiros laconismos, observamos a resposta do rei Leonidas ao capitao do exercito do imperador Artaxerxes.
Many religious changes occurred during his reign until Artaxerxes I was crowned as king.
Roger Dunster's musical clock, made in Amsterdam in about 1735, plays the March from Handel's Scipio, first performed in 1726, and a minuet by Attilio Ariosti performed by Signor Senesino from the composite Artaxerxes performed in 1734.
E autor ainda de grandes classicos da historiografia antiga, como Anabase (expedicao de Ciro contra seu irmao, o rei persa Artaxerxes II) e Hellenica (historia da Grecia entre 411 e 362 a.
The climactic and most intimate viewing of Callirhoe takes place within the Persian Empire, at Babylon, inside the royal palace's seraglio of queens and concubines; here she is seen by the Great King Artaxerxes alone, affording us, the readers of the novel, the vicariously privileged position of viewing the body of a much desired royal paramour.
A trap, Artaxerxes (in the Apr 1972 Enigma) and Howard Richler's Sex at my gym taxes
The "Ten Thousand," a group of Greek mercenaries hired by Cyrus the Younger (King Darius II's son), attempt to wrest control of the throne of the Persian Empire from Artaxerxes II.
In his discussion of "the stereotyping of Persia" in the same section (57) the author makes another intriguing observation: that such stereotyping is complicated by the depiction of Artaxerxes as a sympathetic character and in particular one resisting divinization.
An army of 10 000 Greek mercenaries under the leadership of Cyrus mustered to dethrone Cyrus's brother, Artaxerxes Mnemon, the former king of the Persian Empire.
Topping the charts in 1762 was the hit Artaxerxes, sung all-in-English by Giusto Tenducci.
Die historiese agtergrond vir hierdie roman is die sogenaamde afmars of terugtog van die beroemde Tienduisend van Xenophon nadat hy en sy Griekse huursoldate die Persiese Prins Kuros ondersteun het in sy mislukte veldtog teen sy broer ArtaXerxes, wat toe leier was van die Persiese Ryk (401 v.