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a style of rock music that emerged in the 1970s

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Vivaldianno is the embodiment of my long-term dream to make an "art-rock" project at the border of art-rock, classics and electronic music.
Recorded in Manchester and Berlin, The Messenger sees Marr contributing vocals, guitar and production, and is described as a heady mix of art-rock, indie and rock 'n' roll.
Alas, after more than a year of bringing mutant-disco, post-punk, art-rock and machine-funk to some makeshift dancefloors of Belfast, the wonderful offering that is Go Bang
That exuberant track, which opens the album, owes more to Garbus' jumpy art-rock than to either Thao's neo-Americana or Mirah's folk-pop.
The art-rock legends delivered a set spanning their 40-year career, playing not just the popular hits such as Virginia Plain and Avalon but more experimental moments like the astounding For Your Pleasure.
Their best known album is 1969's Trout Mask Replica, and while it was not a commercial hit, it won critical acclaim and is still considered among the most prominent art-rock albums ever made.
Sprouting from the bohemian hub of Brooklyn, New York, in 2000, the three-piece have formed a cornerstone of the US art-rock movement releasing five records to universal acclaim.
In part it's because the form [of musical theatre] has loosened up--people aren't thinking about it in quite the same way," says Taccone, who championed the award-winning art-rock musical Passing Strange when it premiered at Berkeley Rep in 2006.
In Beauty and the Brut, Fischerspooner's art-rock narrative score is fittingly tongue-in-cheek for Petronio's super-beautiful/super-nasty partnering.
After opening act The Matches had reminded us of the limitations of Franz Ferdinand-style art-rock and support band Forward Russia had reminded me why I never liked Simple Minds, Biffy produced 90 minutes of British music at its very best.
The Times They Are A-Changin' loses its barb as it becomes a velvety art-rock anthem, while All Along The Watchtower becomes a rock 'n' roll homage to Hendrix, but never sounds convincing.
For a band expressive enough to be, at a stretch, regarded as art-rock, it could be considered as a fantastically post-modern opening to what would otherwise be a thoroughly intense set.
A thoughtful new memoir about growing up in South Boston lovingly recalls Mission of Burma, the imaginative post-punk quartet whose bracing mix of punk, pop, art-rock and avant-garde had a brief but influential life span from 1979 to 1983.
Having attained the formidable brand age of 23 years, Sonic Youth is now a good deal older than many fans of these art-rock pioneers.