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a style of design that was popular in the 1920s and 1930s

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Any student of architectural design will know that Art-Deco style emphasises the modern industrialism of the time, employing only man-made materials: concrete, brick, metal, glass, and plastics.
Not really classed as art-deco, I don't think, although I've probably missed some of the finer features.
Mike said: "I am passionate about the art-deco period and am very proud of the house.
DETAILS: A lavishly decorated dining room of the '30s from the late art-deco period when there was a great interest in Egyptian architecture.
MIAMI -- Kor Hotel Group, the Los Angeles-based luxury hotel operator, has purchased the historic art-deco Tides Hotel in South Beach, Florida.
Two worn wood awnings have been replaced with larger art-deco style brass canopies.
The British period also survives in the thousands of art-deco apartment buildings sprinkled throughout the city; in the stately old Mena House Hotel just a stone's throw from the Giza Pyramids; in the former British military headquarters at the tip of Gezira Island (off-limits to tourists but visible from the Gezira Sheraton Hotel); and in the splendidly gothic (circa 1900) Egyptian Museum, where the high ceilings, gloomy hallways and Victorian display cases look like a set from ``The Mummy.