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Synonyms for quilt

Synonyms for quilt

bedding made of two layers of cloth filled with stuffing and stitched together

stitch or sew together

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create by stitching together

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I suppose this is what inspires me to make art quilts depicting Navajo weavings.
This exhibit, which features small-format art quilts, curated by internationally-known contemporary quilt artist Judith Trager, represents 57 artists.
Dramatic, contemporary art quilts, made by American, European and Asian quilters which bend the rules of "traditional" quilting, have also been the focus of much attention, both within the art world and in the broad field of quilting.
The works, both representational and non-representational, include paintings, pastels, photographs, original prints, lithographs, etchings, collages, both Indian and contemporary baskets, tapestries, contemporary art quilts, and metal wall sculptures.
Gallery One features contemporary art quilts and fiber art by eight artists known as Tactile Expressions through March 30.
After its premiere in Los Angeles, the groundbreaking Art Quilt exhibition traveled across the country to seven other locations over the next three years, generating wide exposure and interest in art quilts, which resulted in a significant shift in public perception of quilts in general:
But fiber truly has a life of its own and has been coming into its own through wall hangings, baskets, free-form sculpture and the art quilts that hang on the wall like a painting and are anything but Grandma's quilt.
More than 150 pieces of original artwork by Bay area artists, including pastels, lithographs, etchings, collages, baskets, tapestries, contemporary art quilts and metal wall sculptures.
Guest speaker at Emerald Valley Quilters meeting is Phyllis Prom, a local quilter who specializes in landscape art quilts.
Thirty examples of American folk art quilts are offered in a catalog which uses sample blocks for six categories of designs and styles, illustrating these with step-by-step techniques and pairing them with additional photos to show historical settings.
New Focus: Art Quilts in Small Format," an invitational exhibition of more than 50 art quilts, opens with a reception Friday and runs through Feb.
The 60-minute documentary explores the techniques and artistry reflected in contemporary American art quilts.
A biennial exhibit of small format art quilts opens Friday at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay and runs through Feb.
More than 200 traditional and art quilts will be on display.
Saturday and will feature more than 200 traditional, heirloom and art quilts as well as a lecture, live music, vendor booths, antique shops and high tea.