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a room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited

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Plan ahead: Every significant art museum I know of has activities designed for children and families.
For example, the median age of adults visiting art museums increased by five years to reach 45, and the median age of opera attendees was 48, up from 45.
Several other areas in the art museum complex can accommodate private group functions, including an outdoor lawn area that seats 300 people and the indoor Clowes Courtyard that can accommodate a reception for 75 people.
A children's art museum need not be a place simply to hang the artworks.
8-March 7, 2004, Cincinnati Art Museum (Cincinnati, Ohio); April 3-June 7, 2004.
The only real difference between Hollywood and the art establishment, at least in cases like "Sensation," is that while movie audiences aren't forced to underwrite theaters that show lousy movies, everyone is taxed to support art museums on the theory that art shows, however cynically produced, are a source of general enlightenment.
Kohl's partnership with the Milwaukee Art Museum has been an indispensable asset to our art education programs," said Brigid Globensky, senior director of education and public programs at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
At the exhibition, China's first virtual art museum director, Alex Gao, will be speaking.
com)-- The Erie Art Museum is organizing the next Gallery Night, scheduled for Friday, May 23 from 7 until 10 p.
23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Milwaukee Art Museum, the largest visual art institution in Wisconsin and one of the oldest art museums in the nation, will reopen November 24 upon the culmination of a 6-year, $34 million project to transform the visitor experience with dramatically enhanced exhibition and public spaces.
The Erie Art Museum partnered with Senator Wiley and is highlighting six bike racks that will be on view for the month of February as an exhibit that emphasizes the Museum's commitment to Erie and the community.
Free Admission The Worcester Art Museum will offer free admission as part of the Association of Art Museum Directors' Art Museum Day, coinciding with International Museum Day.
PURPOSE: The Springfield Art Museum a department of the City of Springfield, MO is soliciting proposals for advise, consulting, and implementation of a brand services platform at the Art Museum from qualified
Islamic arts and Arabic Calligraphy Museum; Inventions Museum; Contemporary Art Museum; and Visual Art Museum will be launched during phase one.
FOLLOWING THE ECONOMIC APOCALYPSE OF 2008, art museum leaders set about peddling permanent-collection shows, taking pay cuts, and abjuring business-class travel.