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an exhibition of art objects (paintings or statues)

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July will be jam-packed with a FunFair, Marine Art Exhibition and RNLI Annual Open Day to name a few gems while August will see the Beatyard music event on the Bank Holiday Weekend, Proms on the Pier music event and the 85th Dun Laoghaire Harbour Swim.
Crossroads is a row of art exhibitions at Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi, and its aim is to make art accessible to everyone who walks into a public place, as well as to showcase the work of local Emirati, expat and international artists.
With a history of more than 50 years, both CPAA and CIEA are China's largest suppliers and operators of Chinese performing arts and art exhibitions globally.
A Saudi modern art exhibition will be staged at the Kuwait Fine Arts Society's gallery beginning today.
And Tony Webster's colourful creation is one of the most striking of the annual Calderdale Open Art Exhibition.
AILYN AGONIA DOHA EVER heard of an art exhibition amid sand dunes in the hottest month of the year?
Joy Simkin, a student for ten years, said: "This is no ordinary art exhibition - pastels, drawing, collage and fabric are just some of the materials used.
LAHORE, May 16 -- 'For the Eyes Only', an art exhibition of original signed canvas prints of nationally and internationally acclaimed artist and social worker, Jimmy Engineer, opened at the Revivers Galleria on Saturday, to the delight of art lovers all over the city.
The lobby of 340 Madison Avenue is a highly sophisticated environment utilizing large slabs of Indiana limestone and designed to facilitate art exhibitions.
The festival includes music, international theatre, poetry, comedy and art exhibitions.
When contemporary artists from all over the world began to ponder the idea of Utopia, it lead to a series of international art exhibitions that began in Venice, Italy in June of 2003.
Two of the project's components are art exhibitions at the Getty and the Huntington.
Johnson's speech, entitled "The Art Approach to the Negro Problem," substantiated the Chicago Woman's Club's belief that cultural events and art exhibitions such as Negro in Art Week would foster greater racial understanding and help society overcome racial boundaries.
NEW YORK -- UBS announces plans to sponsor several major art exhibitions across the United States over the next two years.
Al-Khurdy is a Saudi artist who already participated in a number of art exhibitions, but this time it was her first solo exhibition.