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someone who teaches art

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Drawn from the vast collections of the NAEA - which Smith explored as a visiting artist earlier in the year - the exhibition documents touchstones and turning points throughout the history of art education, progressing through seven chosen movements.
Online Master of Professional Studies in Art Education.
The Keppel Centre for Art Education, an integral part of the National Art Gallery, will be the first dedicated art education facility of its kind in Singapore and the region.
Learn more about inclusions in the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012, connect on social media and show your support--and get ideas that can help improve art education in your district--by visiting www.
The choices of decision-makers as well as students affect the quality of art education.
Responses regarding the effects of NCLB varied significantly, depending upon which aspect of art education was discussed.
This publication first discusses the changes in the social context of art and how that has impacted both K-12 and university-level education; the authors then analyze art as an idea, language, form, and social enterprise, maintaining that it is critical for educators to agree on the goals of art education in order to provide accountability in a climate of educational reform.
Perceptions and Definitions Over the Past 65 Years for Art Education
Youth Art Month (YAM) is an annual observance each March to emphasize the value of art education for all children and to encourage support for quality school art programs.
Created in 1961 by Art and Creative Materials Institute, Youth Art Month emphasizes the value of art education for all children and encourages support for quality school art programs.
As a faculty member in the department of music at The Ohio State University at Lima, Michael Benson, NCTM, coordinates the group piano program and teaches general art education courses, as well as music appreciation.
James Jones is an art education assistant at the Louisiana Children's Museum, in New Orleans.
Aspen will be providing the highest quality art education available in the context of a liberal arts education at a very cost-effective price.
ART EDUCATION IN A CLIMATE OF REFORM: The Need for Measurable Goals in Art Instruction (2008; $29.
American art historians/educators Rosenburg and Thurber provide students, K-12 teachers of art and related subjects, university art educators, and interested laypersons involved in K-12 art education with an up-to-date examination of gender and the role it plays in culture and art education.