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the academic department responsible for teaching art and art appreciation

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On one publication I worked for, the art department and the editorial department simply were not on speaking terms.
In addition, the deadlines for a bunch of other publications the company put out were coming due as well and we were going to have to jockey for layout time with the art department.
The biggest and best box went to the art department, along with a personal apology on behalf of nobody but myself for how toxic the relationship had become between our two departments.
Just create an art work on the blank cover at right, and send it in for judging by the Jack and Jill, Children's Better Health Institute art department.
The purpose of the forum was to promote interdisciplinary academic research among art departments of universities in southern Taiwan, said NCKU Vice President Hong-Sen Yan, and the theme of this year's forum focused on three directions, namely, "Media," "Space" and "Collection.
NCKU IOAS Director Fang-Huai Chu revealed that in 2011, universities in the southern part of Taiwan established a strategic alliance among art departments to promote interdisciplinary academic research.
Workbook provides art directors, graphic designers, corporate art departments and publications with access to portfolios and work samples from prominent illustrators, photographers and designers, stock image providers and other resources.
The facility is comprised of : 1) a warehousing and receiving facility for imported parts as well as for exported goods sent from the factory, and it also serves as a packaging and logistical support station, 2) an Engineering, Development and Design Department which houses a staff of mechanical, tooling and electrical engineers, and utilizes sophisticated state of the art equipment and software, 3) the Project Engineering, Workshop, Measuring and Art Departments.
Since the beginning of the year, SSW has experienced a 10% growth in personnel, expanding its Media, Account, Editorial and Art Departments to include four new staff members and five employee promotions.