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a school specializing in art

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The relationship with the Academy of Art College is just another example of Sun's leadership position and growing market share in the education sector throughout the world.
Ever since computers became a fundamental aspect of animation and special effects, we've prided ourselves on our state-of-the-art computer labs," said Kevin Cain, Director of Special Projects and 3D Animation, Academy of Art College.
Residents Desy Balmer and Paul Brown will also be on hand and, for the first time at the Art College, there will be more laid back tunes in the foyer area from Dan McKinney.
The art college with its special heritage and connections with John Lennon an ex-student, and Stuart Sutcliffe, should be saved and kept as an art college.
Surely this art college should not be treated like a factory that no longer has a use.
Ms Brooker said, 'My experience of a career before going to art college has certainly stood me in good stead for marrying art and business.
If I had gone to art college straight after my A-levels, I would have been too naive to be able to make a living out of painting.
READERS of the Post concerned about the future of historic buildings on Hope Street and the former Art College in particular, will not be reassured by the report on Page 21 of the February 6 edition (Facelift for heritage sites).
These are just a few of the coolest characters that sauntered through the corridors of this majestic but neglected building that once belonged to Newport Art College.
Made as a class project by students at the Pasadena Art College of Design, it shows assembly-line workers cranking out film cans, then labeling one and loading it onto a truck.
She grew up in the Vale of Evesham and after school attended art college in Here- ford and the Bath Academy of Art.
First place Yasushi Umibe from Academy of Art College, San
Nasdaq:IMMR) is the first haptic technology company to work with two industrial design classes at the Academy of Art College of Industrial Design in San Francisco.
The Academy of Art College in San Francisco is sponsoring the first-place prizes for the two amateur categories.
Participating schools include The San Francisco Art Institute, The California College of Arts and Crafts, Academy of Art College, UC Berkeley and Stanford University.