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United States jazz pianist who was almost completely blind

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Equally influenced by Art Tatum and Peruchin, Hechavarria fronts an entirely efficient and effective rhythm section (acoustic bassist Andy Gonzalez, trap drummer Dafnis Prieto, and percussionist Pedro Matinez), properly complimented by a couple of bona-fide "Cubanized" jazz soloists--trumpeter Bryan Lynch and altoist Phil Woods.
Josephson is a noted jazz expert and former editor of the Daily News Record, and he has included interviews he has conducted over several decades with such musicians as Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Maynard Ferguson and Art Tatum.
He defines his style as very much from the Detroit mainstream with "a Bud Powell awareness, an Art Tatum styling, a bebop feeling and a pianistic approach".
Anyone looking back through those misty, rose-tinted specs might be surprised to learn that Askey and Murdoch wereonair for just 10 minutes of that hour-long showwithguests like Cary Grant and pianist Art Tatum getting more time.
99) tells of Art Tatum, who was playing keyboards on tiptoe at a very young age: first in church, and later in cafes.
Anderson in turn was inspired by movie scores and the American songbook--in particular the recordings of Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Art Tatum, Gil Evans and Nelson Riddle--and was known for creating sophisticated harmonic sequences during improvisations.
Mirabassi, who cites influences ranging from Art Tatum and Bill Evans to Argentinean tango, is an apt choice for an anniversary, while still reserving a hint of unpredictability.
He was immensely appreciative, even awe-struck, by what others could do, not touching the piano for a month after listening to a record of Art Tatum, his hero.
And this article has an interesting warning: "During your search through Jazz piano history, you'll eventually come across Art Tatum.
King, Smokey Robinson, Art Tatum, Clara Ward and Jackie Wilson were his personal friends.
He enjoyed listening to the music of Art Tatum and admired the performing style of Victor Borge.
Wald lists recordings found on old jukeboxes in several Mississippi juke joints from 1941 (three years after Johnson died), that portray locals listening not only to popular blues artists like Bill Broonzy and Walter Davis, but also to white big handleaders Glenn Miller and Sammy Kaye, crooners like The Ink Spots and the 4 Clefs, and jazz artists like Earl Hines and Art Tatum.
He tuned in to a late-night radio station that played records by Charlie Parker, Powell, Thelonoius Monk, Duke Ellington and Art Tatum.
Having equalled the record of 180 winners in a season yesterday, Richard Hannon breaks it when Art Tatum (George Duffield) beats Be Exciting (John Dunlop/Tyrone Williams) in the nursery at Yarmouth.
Art Tatum actually picked out their seven-foot Steinway.