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a French school of art and architecture popular in the 1890s

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Among the silver property stolen are: two champagne bottle holders; a circular fruit basket with four feet; a rectangular fruit basket; a set of four candlesticks and three pairs of candlesticks; a toast rack; a tortoiseshell and silver casket; an art nouveau jewellery box, five sugar sifters; a pen and ink stand, five spill holders; a 1930s biscuit barrel; a small oval jewellery box, a pin cushion with maroon velvet; a page turner; four Bo Bon dishes; three tea caddies; two perfume bottles; a silver salver; five photograph frames; two pocket watches; a silver framed mirror and an oval cased brass carriage clock.
She was stunned when an expert identified it as a rare piece of Lalique art nouveau jewellery - and valued it at around pounds 7,000.
Berndhardt is chiefly remembered for her influence upon art nouveau jewellery, where designers such as Rene Lalique caught her dreaming profile in opalescent enamel set within gold flowers.
The elaborate images of butterflies, beetles and dragonflies so often used to adorn Art Nouveau jewellery or vases reflected a 'back to nature' trend as well as pride in the progress of scientific research at the time.
Art nouveau jewellery saw a surge of popularity in the 1980s and 1990s, fed principally, according to Keith Penton, head of the jewellery department at Christie's London, by 'Japanese collectors and museums'.